ITEM JAM!:  A game for game designers to share their work and connect

Game Description: Players in a game design convention setting can spur conversation and create connections by creating semi-mysterious paper or foam-based props from their favorite games or a new game that they have designed. Other players with props must guess what the props are, what they're used, and which game they reference. For more information, see the link to rules.

Challenge Addressed: There exist spaces for game designers present their games and network, however, many of these events have barriers, including intimidation for less established designers, lack of informal opportunity to share work, and networking being centered around non-inclusive activities, such as consumption of alcohol.

Goal: To create an inclusive, informal space where game designers can showcase their creativity and meet others through sharing their work and interests.

Context: Transformational Game Design Studio project  at Carnegie Mellon University over the course of 3 weeks

Key contributions: Ideation, integrating research theory, prototyping, incorporating player feedback, iteration

Team members: Brian Chou, Demi Li, Yiqi Wang

Playtest prototypes

Item Jam Presentation - Group 2

Final Presentation

Conference Game Item Jam Process Book (1).pdf

Process Book