Env'I'ronmentalist:  A game for players to explore what kind of environmentalist identity they can embrace, i.e.:

whatever social identity someone is, they can contribute to the community environmentally

Game Description: Players who may or may not already identify as an environmentalist play this physical game with major decisions about moving and settling into a new city. With each decision reaction to different events, they gain different types of tokens. At the end of the game, the distribution of tokens identify which type of environmentalist they most align with.

Challenge Addressed: Many people see environmentalists as a group of people in which they don't identify with, due to e.g., perceived extreme lifestyle choices  or already aligning with other identities.

Goal: Integrating social identity theory, this game aims to help players see how they can find their inner environmentalist and be protectors of our natural earth.

Context: Transformational Game Design Studio project  at Carnegie Mellon University over the course of 3 weeks

Key contributions: Ideation, integrating social identity theory, prototyping, incorporating player feedback, iteration

Team members: Gabriel Winter Clark, Cara Zhang, Hazel Zhang

Physical game materials

Final Presentation

Final presentation

Process Document

Process document