Artificial Intelligence and Fairness Workshops:  A lightweight workshop (under 3 hours) for middle schoolers to learn about artificial intelligence and fairness

Workshop Description: This lightweight workshop for middle schoolers assumes no prior knowledge in computing or artificial intelligence (AI), introducing them to the core technical ideas behind algorithms and AI,  specifically supervised machine learning. A number of activities support learners in critically analyzing how AI can impact society in both helpful and harmful ways, encouraging learners to talk about and ideate about AI in their lives. For more information, please reach out to me or take a look at some of our publications from this project on my research page.

Challenge Addressed: There is a limited number of AI literacy opportunities for learners, specifically those that are shorter in duration and emphasize both technical, as well as ethical considerations in AI.

Goal: To create an inclusive, accessible, AI learning experience for youth, supporting learning in technical and ethical aspects of machine intelligence

Context: Based at Carnegie Mellon University, supported by a NSF-funded AISL research grant collaboration over the past year and ongoing

Key contributions: Spearheaded creation of a lightweight AI and ethics workshop curriculum, created playful learning activities, created pre/post measures, integration of research theory

Team members: Dr. Angela Stewart (University of Pittsburgh), Prof. Amy Ogan (CMU), Prof. Jessica Hammer (CMU), Prof. Motahhare Eslami (CMU), Jennifer Kim (CMU), Alexis Axon (CMU), Shixian Xie (CMU), Ellia Yang (CMU)

A slide in one of the learner-centered AI design activities

An educational slide in a project for practicing application of training data knowledge