Technosocial Change Agency:  Technosocial change relates to positioning people (i.e., every day users of technology, including youth and their families) to advocate for justice and change in an increasingly technological and artificial intelligence (AI)-driven future.

Workshop Description: This workshop experience, run with youth as young as 3rd grade through high school, as well as with youth and their families together,  introduces participants to what AI is a on high level and ethics, facilitating dialogue, crafting, and exploration of (un)fair AI. Through this, participants engage with ideas around what ethical AI should look like and the processes around design and accountability of current and future AI technologies that empower a diverse range of users.

Challenge Addressed: In this work, we broadly aimed to understand how marginalized communities, specifically youth, could be empowered by AI and involved in design and auditing processes.

Goal: To gain insights on inclusive and empowering processes to include stakeholders who have been historically excluded or overlooked.

Context: Based at Carnegie Mellon University supported by a NSF-funded AISL research grant and ongoing

Key contributions: Created novel interactive and educational workshop activities, created survey, forged connection with community partner, integration of research theory, designed study, published multiple papers on work

Team members: Prof. Amy Ogan (CMU), Prof. Jessica Hammer (CMU), Prof. Motahhare Eslami (CMU), Shixian Xie (CMU), Ellia Yang (CMU)

An interactive activity where participants are shown real examples of AI and contemplate if it is fair

A crafting activity where participants ideate processes, systems, and interfaces to audit problematic AI-driven algorithms