Jaemarie Solyst

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jsolyst [at] andrew.cmu.edu

I am a PhD candidate at Carnegie Mellon University in the Human-Computer Interaction Institute, advised by Prof. Amy Ogan and Prof. Jessica Hammer. I also collaborate closely with Prof. Motahhare Eslami. My research is at the intersection of human-computer interaction, responsible AI, and learning science.

With a commitment to social justice, I research positioning people as technosocial change agents in an increasingly AI-driven world. I do this through working with stakeholders to investigate and (co-)design empowering, playful, and informative experiences with and about computing technologies. I focus on marginalized youth, since they are regularly impacted by computing but not often recognized as contributors to the future of responsible AI. My research has been published in top tier HCI and learning science venues and has been awarded at ACM CHI and CSCW.

In my past, I received my BA with a double major in computer science and psychology from Mount Holyoke College and then was a Fulbright research scholar in Germany. I interned with Google's Responsible AI Team, and I am currently a CERES scholar with the Jacobs Foundation.